The ORF-presenter Ingrid Thurnher asks her guests: “Populism in Politics – is it impossible without it?” (german: Populismus in der Politik – geht’s nicht mehr ohne?, Politik live, ORF III, 11 October 2018). Praprotnik explains that it is important to differentiate between populist parties on the one hand, and populist communication strategies, on the other. She uses data from the most recent ADL survey Demokratieradar (democracy radar) to shed light on peoples’ opinions on direct democracy. Further guests are Maria Rauch-Kallat (former secretary general and minister, ÖVP), Josef Kalina (PR-consultand and former SPÖ-Federal Chairman), Andreas Mölzer (journalist and former EU-parliamentarian, FPÖ) and Eva Dichand (editor of the newspaper “Heute“).